Top Brain Training Programs

Top Brain Training Programs

Brain training programs are becoming increasingly popular. These apps allow you to play games that challenge your mind in various ways. The claim is that you can strengthen your overall brain health and postpone cognitive decline. Plus, these games can be a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at some of the top brain training sites to see what they have to offer and how they can help you maintain mind alertness.


Lumosity is probably the best-known of the brain training programs. It’s also likely been around the longest. This program uses colorful mini-games to help you improve across five areas of cognitive function. These are flexibility, problem-solving, speed, attention and memory. More than 100 researchers have contributed to ensuring these games are effective. You can choose the specific functions you wish to focus on, and a customized routine will be created for you. Free account holders can choose from a limited number of games, while subscribers have access to more.

Fit Brains

Fit Brains is worth a mention because it’s created by Rosetta Stone, the well-known language-learning program. The educational technology company delivers again with this brain training app that offers more variety than most of its competitors. As a premium subscriber, you can access more than 500 training exercises. Fit Brains was developed by neuroscientists to focus on the areas of cognition speed, memory, problem-solving and concentration. A bonus is the availability of games that target emotional intelligence, as well. In addition, the app customizes the difficulty of each game according to your performance.


Elevate takes a similar “freemium” approach to its offerings in which subscribers have unlimited access to exercises. You can still find a wide assortment of choices as a free user. The activities on Elevate have more of a practical bent than fun. You’ll get to work on the types of skills you use in real life such as reading comprehension, problem solving, name recall, estimation and value comparison.


Peak is also an online brain training training program that covers language, mental agility, memory, problem-solving and concentration. Scientists associated with top institutions from around the world helped to develop the games offered by Peak. However, these exercises aren’t stuffy or boring. They’re very much aimed at making brain training enjoyable and have the benefit of being customized according to your needs. As a Peak user, you’ll take an initial assessment and a personal plan will be created just for you.

These are four of the most well-known brain training programs out there. Any of them should get you started on improving your brain function in a fun and productive way. Check them out and see if any of them might be the best brain training program for you!

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