Memory Loss Warning Signs

Memory Loss Warning Signs

Memory loss causes such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairment often come on slowly over time. There are a number of symptoms, many of which may surprise you. Some of these signs may not seem to be related to memory loss at all. Every individual will experience cognitive issues differently. However, here are some memory decline warning signs to look for in terms of memory loss short term and memory loss long term:

Misplacing Things or Getting Lost

Everyone makes mistakes or loses things once in a while. However, cognitive issues could be at play if you notice you or your loved one putting things in unusual locations or ending up in strange areas unknowingly. It’s also common for someone experiencing this kind of confusion to lash out at others or accuse them of moving their possessions.

Difficulty with Written or Spoken Words

If you notice your aging father is beginning to have a hard time keeping up with conversations on a regular basis, there may be cause for concern. Signs of cognitive decline include difficulty with following dialogue, poor word recall, forgetting subject matter and frequent repetition of speech.

Problem Solving Challenges

Problem solving difficulties can take many forms. Perhaps you notice your mother has had the utilities shut off on multiple occasions. She may be having trouble keeping track of her bills. Maybe cooking has become bothersome, as recipes now seem confusing. Be aware of repetitive mistakes or problems, rather than single occurrences. Everyone makes an error now and then.

Social Withdrawal

It’s common for those suffering from brain impairments or short term loss memory problems to withdraw from others. This could take the form of avoiding social activities or hobbies they once enjoyed. It could even mean failing to complete important work obligations. The reason behind this behavior may be to avoid embarrassing situations as they realize their cognition is declining.

Spatial Relation Issues

Your elderly grandmother may be having some problems driving lately. This is a common occurrence in the aging population. One reason is that spatial relations become blurred. She may not be able to judge distance as accurately as she once did. Other visual issues may come into play, as well. It’s possible she has trouble differentiating the colors on signals or signs.

These are some of the more prevalent memory loss warning signs encountered. It’s important to be aware of any extensive and repetitive changes in mood or personality. Also, know that constant difficulties with the completion of daily life tasks could signal a problem. Seek assistance from a physician or other medical professional and consider a memory loss test to further diagnose.

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