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Memory Improvement Book Review

Today I would like to do a memory improvement book review on the book that introduced me to the world of memory. And that book is called Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.

So even if you’re not convinced that memory techniques are for you and you’re not curious about memory techniques this book is truly great. It’s even been recommended by Bill Gates. So this book is about Joshua Foer who got on assignment to discuss the U S Memory Championships. And while he’s there, he’s actually fascinated by the seemingly substantial memory ability of these participants.

He begins speaking to them and one of the participants starts telling him that any individual can do this. He doesn’t quite believe this, however after hearing this he starts training. He begins to realize that maybe he can compete at next year’s championship. You follow Joshua and his experience throughout the ins and outs of the World of Memory Championships, which by the way is both extremely nerdy and incredibly human. This is a book to create a strong foundational understanding of memory techniques and memory as a whole.

It is a fantastic and also fascinating tale. It presents elegant things like the major system and the memory pies. They sound really complicated, however, they are really the essentials of memory methods and also I always state that developing a good memory is much easier said than done. You always sound a little out there when you attempt to explain memory strategies, yet when you start using it, it starts getting very self-explanatory in my point of view.

So what makes this the best memory improvement book when compared to others is that even though some of the other books may be a lot more comprehensive regarding memory techniques, they are pretty dry. They have a tendency to be totally how to and just say do this and do that, however Moonwalking with Einstein is much more intriguing and draws you in. I honestly think that approach will help you to remember the different memory techniques better. In my opinion, this is the perfect fit to the entire memory thing. When you place things in context and make them more engaging you will remember it far better than if you similar to spewing or adhering to a collection of details.

The brain has a tendency to remember things from stories better in my opinion, so that’s why the one big issue I have personally with this book is that it emphasizes visual imagery. It says we remember things visually and we’re such visual beings and we remember visual memories more than we remember anything else, but in my experience that isn’t necessarily true.

I have a recollection, have a narrative and visual recollection of reading on Alex Mullen, the current world memory champions blog, talking about Dr. Boris Nicolette Conrad’s study about how a lot of top competitors in the field of memory use a narrative and a story more than they use heavy visual imagery. So sometimes even though you saw somebody do something, you have this own narrative and storyline of why that person was doing that thing. That may sometimes skew what you actually saw.

This particular memory improvement techniques book also gets into how the mind likes what’s enjoyable as opposed to what’s boring, which is very true, likes to make the abstract into something concrete, which holds true, and after that it emphasizes exactly how the brain bears in mind sex-related points as well as violent things a lot more, which is in my viewpoint, not really accurate.

When I have actually spoken to some of the top athletes or top competitors, you see that they have for the most part, extremely politically correct, safe for work, just normal imagery or narratives rather than like after that he did this gross thing and all these other things. So it states more concerning creators and the writers and the film-makers than it states about what is in fact real for you.

It’ll simply be like something simple. Then it will certainly be something dramatic, something lovely, something remarkable, something easy and also it sort of goes up and down. So not everything has to be so aesthetically pleasing or interesting or fun. There needs to be an equilibrium.

I hope you found this memory improvement book review informative. If you’re looking for a book on memory improvement I certainly recommend Moonwalking with Einstein a whole lot. I remember that many in the memory top 10 in the world saying that this is guide that got them started. If it worked for them most likely it will work for you too.

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