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Memory Exercise – Work Your Brain Out Too

Why is memory exercise important? Think of your brain as the operating system for your body, and really for your life. It helps guide you through your day and processes the data that you are experiencing to help you understand what’s going on around you.

Your brain is critical when it comes to your learning, concentrating and memory functions, as well as managing the functions throughout your body.

Whenever you’re really busy or feeling stressed the processing power of your brain changes. This happens naturally as you age too. Any number of factors can have an effect on how well your brain functions and performs. Fortunately, there are exercises and activities that you can perform to maintain and improve your overall brain health.

Your brain is made up of many important components, with memory being one of them. Think of your memory as your internal filing cabinet. You personal storage system for organizing all of the information you have learned or are learning.

Exercise on your memory is needed regularly if you want to keep it functioning properly as you age and you want to stay mentally sharp. Think of it as a muscle and treat it as a muscle that needs to be worked out everyday. Take care of it like you do for the rest of your body.

Here are some easy and free memory exercises you can start today…

Memory Exercise Push-ups

Do you have any hobbies and interests you enjoy? Are you pursuing them or just casually participating? Maybe they have become boring to you. One thing you can do is to challenge yourself to become even more of an expert in your hobby or interest. Dive deeper into it. Read more about it. Look for advanced topics that you can challenge yourself with. Maybe it’s time to move onto a new hobby. Exercise that brain. A joy of lifelong learning is a great way to keep your brain and memory sharp.

Shake Up That Memory Exercise Routine

One of the things that happens to us is that we get stuck in our routines. We wake up and start doing the same exact things that we do everyday. When this happens life can become monotonous and boring. Your brain isn’t really be worked much and your not stretching it’s capabilities. Your not thinking about what you’re doing. It’s just habit.

Why not shake it up a little? Try doing the opposite of what you normally do and give the other side of your brain a little workout. If you’re right handed try using your left hand (and vice versa). Follow a different route when you are driving somewhere like to work or to a restaurant or even to get groceries. Watch an educational show or documentary on television. Something that gets you thinking. Curiositystream is popular right now and is great for brain exercise.

Get Moving

Daily physical exercise also gives you daily memory exercise. Aerobic activities like swimming, jogging and bicycling are great getting the heart pumping and boosting that blood flow. This in turn boosts the oxygen supply to the brain, which is needed for the brain to function well.

Sign Up For A Class

Stretch your brain by taking a class and learning something new. This can be done at a local school or college or even online. Learning and remembering what you learned are the perfect tie in to memory well-being. Whenever you engage in activities that put your brain to work creates an overall strengthening effect on your memory…

Teach Others

This is one of my favorites and does not have to be done in a classroom setting if you don’t want it to be. Teaching just one person will have the same effect. When you show someone else how to do something, it causes you to organize the information you will be teaching and then figure out how you want to present it. When you teach someone else it leads to a better understanding of the subject matter for you and makes recall of that information much easier.

These are just a few working memory exercises that you can start using. Try other things as well. Whatever fun things you can come up with to stretch your brain will be sure to help strengthen your memory as well.

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