Brain Teasers Improve Memory

Brain Teasers Improve Memory

I’m sure you are aware of the importance of keeping your brain in shape by learning new things, varying your routine and staying active. Playing games to maintain your mental fitness is a great way to do this. Brain teasers, games and puzzles can be amazing tools for maintaining and growing the neural connections in your brain.

Traditional games like chess, activities such as jigsaw puzzles and newly popular online brain training programs are all examples of ways you can have fun while stretching your mind muscles.

As you age it’s important to challenge your brain, and brain teasers and games can help you stay sharp and also improve your memory.

Mental Flexibility

It doesn’t matter what type of brain-teaser game that you play, you are going to have to be mentally flexible in order to perform well. Their purpose is to stretch and strengthen your mind. When you can’t solve the crossword puzzle, you look to outside sources for help. If you get stuck on a move in a particularly challenging chess match, you’ll find yourself playing out various scenarios in your head until you decide which one is the best option. Brain teasers can be frustrating, but you persist and roll with the punches in most cases until you’re able to overcome the challenge presented to you.

Memory Stimulating Brain Teasers

Of course, your memory is challenged when engaging in mentally stimulating games. In games against others, you must remember their last move in order to figure out your best strategy. Solo games often present the challenge of either thinking back on previous actions or of holding onto a particular game plan until its use becomes necessary later in the game. Keeping all the information straight is usually the main purpose of such activities.

Mental Creativity Brain Teasers

Brain teasers, games and puzzles give you plenty of opportunity to flex your mental creativity. Having to quickly come up with solutions to given challenges, to recall past information and to make connections between components forces you to come up with different ideas and to test them out. Your innovation and ingenuity come into play when engaging in these types of activities. Your problem-solving skills are bound to become stronger.

Mental Resiliency

When you practice challenging mind games regularly, you may notice that things start to come easier to you both in these specific games and while completing tasks requiring similar skills. You’re effectively training your mind, and it will become more resilient, able to go with the flow or roll with the punches. Your reaction times and word recall may also improve. Plus, your attention span may grow as you gain experience taking in multiple types of information, while simultaneously figuring out solutions.

As you can see, there are lots of memory exercise benefits to brain teasers and other memory improving games. These are merely some of the most common. Grab a friend to play a board game or sit down to a brain training exercise. You’ll soon notice that the rewards are great.

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